What Everybody Should Know About Kickboxing & Its Principles?

What Everybody Should Know About Kickboxing-Infographic

Kickboxing is a stand-up combat sport that includes a mix of Karate, Muay Thai, and Western Boxing. It combines powerful kicks from Karate and strong punches from Boxing. You can practice kickboxing for fitness, self-defense, and sport.

You can also derive many health benefits from practicing the sport. Here are the benefits:

  • Burn 350 to 450 calories per hour
  • Strengthen and condition your body
  • Builds your core and improve balance
  • Pumps your heart more and puts your muscles to work

7 Kickboxing Principles That Will Make You A Better Fighter

If you have taken the plunge to learn kickboxing, you should make yourself familiar with the seven principles of kickboxing so that you can derive the best out of your kickboxing training. All kickboxing techniques are based on the following seven principles:


Judge the distance between you and your opponent to maintain a comfortable distance. Do not be too close or too apart. If you are too close, then your opponent will jam your leg when you kick. And if you are too apart, you will not generate enough power while throwing a technique.


To become an expert in kickboxing, you must master the defense skills. If you lack defense skills, you will defeat only the mediocre opponents but not the tougher ones. When you face a powerful puncher, he will be looking for a target. With good defense skills, you can make it difficult for him to find a target.


Kickboxing is also like chess, where you can play the psychological game by making false anticipation in your opponent. Feinting can keep your opponent guessing so that you can score over him. But throw feint convincingly and with power for it to be effective.


No technique can be effective without proper timing, which calls for a good sense of distance and direction. You might be an expert in throwing punches, but if the timing is imperfect, then the punches will do no good. To develop your timing, stand about two feet away from your opponent and throw punches at him.


Raw power is, however, not the best of the kickboxing techniques. For your methods to be effective, you should blend power with the technique by getting your entire body behind and a good stance.


Endurance is the key to success. With sub-par conditioning, you will discover soon that you do not have enough mental toughness. You need to be mentally tough and stamina to win.


Sparring–stepping into the ring and throwing kicks and punches at will– is the final and most meaningful phase of your preparation. It is essential because you must make contact to develop your sense of distance between you and your opponent.

Kickboxing Mistakes You Don’t Know You Are Making

Make sure you avoid mistakes that you can make even unknowingly, as that can lead to injuries. Here is a list of the possible mistakes you can make:

You Don Not Have the Proper Range of Motion

Without a good range, you might kick with the shin’s wrong part to cause an injury.

You Kick Incorrectly

Putting too much weight on your foot while kicking can cause your leg to overextend, and that can injure your knee. 

You Rush into Workouts

Jumping straightaway to kickboxing without mastering the basics can increase the chances of you getting injured.

You Don Not Warm-up Properly

Before each workout, warm yourself up to get your heart rates up as kickboxing is a high-energy sport.

You are Not Consistent

Consistency is essential for you to develop muscle memory and stamina. Inconsistency will lead to a failure in your kickboxing goals.  

You Do Not Have Your Foot in the Right Position While Round Kicking the Bag

Round kicking the bag with your foot in the wrong position can sprain the ankle or damage various bones in the foot.

You Do Not Use Your Core to Rotate

Not using your core restricts you from getting the right amount of power in your hits that then becomes ineffective.

You are Not Investing in a Good Instructor

If your instructor is of low quality, he cannot give you good instruction, so you will not attain your kickboxing goals.

You Do Not Grip Your Hand Tight Enough

Without the fist gripped tight enough before striking the bag, it can divert the strike’s energy to injure the hand instead of transferring the power to the bag.


If kickboxing has appealed to you, then there is no reason for you to wait further to join a kickboxing gym. Before you finally join a gym, you should go the Google and type ‘kickboxing classes near me‘ to find out the best gym for you. You should do the due diligence of selecting a good quality gym to reap the kickboxing benefits.


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