Reasons Why You Should Join A Kickboxing Fitness Program

Reasons to Join Kickboxing Fitness Program - Infographic

Kickboxing is primarily a martial art. The beauty of kickboxing is the perfect mix of Karate, Muay Thai, and Western Boxing. The combination results in an apt art involving powerful kicks of karate and the strong punches of boxing.

You need to get trained in kickboxing as attacks have become common nowadays. It empowers you to defend you against attackers.

Apart from empowering you to defend yourself, kickboxing entails a slew of physical as well as mental benefits. Your body will become stronger than ever, and your mind will become sharper than before. In addition to self-defense, kickboxing is also a fitness or sporting activity.

Fun Fact: The movie ‘Kickboxer’ in 1989 starring Jean Damme is among the top 10 best Hollywood action movies of all time. And so is the 1988 blockbuster, Bloodsport, which showed a kickboxing duel between Chong Li and Damme. Several movies after that copied the duel.


Kickboxing Benefits

Kickboxing comes with a host of benefits for your physical as well as mental well-being. It bears the potential to transform you positively. The notable benefits are:

Gives You a Boost of Confidence

As days pass by after you start undergoing kickboxing training, you will gradually become confident in your abilities to defend yourself against any attacker. As such, your self-confidence will get a boost.

Helps Tone Your Entire Body

As kickboxing involves intense movements, your body will tone up to give you a great look.

Quickly Melts Body Fat

The rigorous movements associated with kickboxing helps your body burn more and more fat.

Improves Your Level of Coordination

To execute punches and kicks, you need to use your brain and body simultaneously. Your mind and body coordination will improve as a result.

Relieves Stress

When you punch heavily during the training sessions, your stress will go out.

Teaches Self-Defense

You will learn to defend yourself as kickboxing tactics involve self-defense techniques.

It’s Fun!

Kickboxing involves fun. You will realize that once you join a kickboxing gym.

Helps Develop Better Posture

Kickboxing practice relaxes your muscles and helps you to develop a better posture.

Keeps the Mind Calm

Your mind will remain calm as kickboxing throws stress out.

A Good Form of Cross-Training

Kickboxing is an acceptable form of cross-training as it involves a variety of workouts.

Learning Respect

Kickboxing training entails respecting each other in the class. You will learn to respect people.

Things to Know Before You Go Kickboxing

Homeworks are everywhere, and kickboxing is not an exception. Do a bit of homework before you head straight towards a kickboxing gym.

Set a Personal Goal

You need to set a personal goal for yourself in the first place. Determine why you want to learn kickboxing. Whether it is for something, like cardiovascular health, overall conditioning, learning real-world fighting, etc.–these will dictate the reason for your training.

Be Honest About Your Limits

Kickboxing is an intense program. And your body might find it challenging. So, do not hesitate to consult a doctor to know about your fitness level before joining a kickboxing gym.

Drink Plenty of Water

Keep yourself hydrated, before and after kickboxing classes, by drinking plenty of water.

Get in Gear

Get the necessary gear to protect yourself during the training.

Fuel Up

Eat well to fuel you up. Studies show that foods, like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and fish, can improve your workout performance and also help you trim down faster.

Check It Out Before You Sign Up

Before you sign up with a kickboxing gym, check out the fees and quality of the instructors.

Start Slowly at Your Own Pace

Do not start in haste; it is good to start slowly at your own pace.

Kickboxing is an all-round development affair. From empowering you to defend yourself to a series of physical and mental benefits, kickboxing has a lot to offer. But, you should do the due diligence of assessing the quality of instructors before joining a kickboxing gym at Southlake so that you reap the full benefits.


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