Southlake Kickboxing Training Classes

At Tapout Fitness Southlake Texas, we provide disciplined, exciting, and action-packed kickboxing classes to help you to master the self-defense art in the shortest possible time. At the same time, our master coaches will transform you into a more strong, leaner, and more toned individual.

Our innovative kickboxing program is filled with high energy, excitement, and explosiveness that fuse this exercise with an intense cardio routine. You are sure to get into the best shape while learning this art at one of the best kickboxing studios.

Southlake Kickboxing Training Classes

Tapout Kickboxing Training Has a Lot of Benefits to Offer

Kickboxing is not only a form of martial art. It has a lot of mental as well as physical benefits for you. Here are some of the essential benefits of undergoing kickboxing training at Tapout Fitness:

  • Kickboxing helps you to burn more calories, build muscle, and get a firmer body. You lose fat, gain more muscle and also look better
  • Within a few weeks in our classes, you will experience the difference. You will have more stamina, energy and fitness you never had before
  • You gain higher levels of self-confidence as well as self-esteem
  • Your heart and lungs get stronger as kickboxing is a form of aerobic and anaerobic training

The Key Kickboxing Techniques We Teach

The truth is: kickboxing techniques are not easy to master, and not all kickboxing schools are good at teaching those. At Tapout Fitness, we make things easy for you to learn and master. And that is what not all kickboxing gyms can do. With our expert guidance and training, you can quickly master this martial art. We teach you the following kickboxing techniques:


Punches are one of the most important parts of kickboxing techniques. If you are serious about becoming a kickboxing expert, then you need to master the art of punching. Our expert trainers will help you to develop accuracy, speed, and practical techniques in punching through disciplined as well as rigorous practice.


There is no need to emphasize why kicks are crucial in kickboxing. The power in your kick depends upon how fast you can twist your body. The faster is the twist, the stronger is the kick. We train you a lot of techniques for you to practice and master.


In kickboxing, speed is critical. Our expert trainers will help you to master the rate and rhythm of your movements in a remarkable manner.

Balance and Footwork

As mastering how to balance your footwork is crucial in kickboxing, our best-in-class trainers will teach you various techniques to perfect your balance as well as footwork.


Kickboxing is more about defense rather than offense. Our best-in-class trainers will help you to master the art of defending yourself during the sessions.


Confusing your opponent is a great tactic in kickboxing. You will learn many ways of putting your opponent in a confusing state from our expert trainers.

Assessing Time

As timing is crucial in kickboxing, we teach you many effective ways of assessing the timing in moves.

Endurance and Stamina

Our qualified trainers teach you many ways to strengthen your stamina as well as endurance so that your opponent cannot knock you down easily.

Why Prefer Tapout Fitness Southlake Texas?

You will get to reap unique advantages by joining Tapout Fitness Southlake TX. Our professional trainers will lead every class and also will work with you in the one-to-one personal training sessions. Stimulated by the warm and friendly community at our boutique 4,000 square feet club, you will never feel the urge to miss even a single class. We provide the full range of kickboxing training, including women’s kickboxing, kickboxing classes for beginners, and Muay Thai. We also impart well-structured training classes like ‘Tapout Fit‘ and ‘Tapout Martial Arts.’

Unlock the Potential of a Best-in-Class Kickboxing Gym

Tapout Fitness is a best-in-class kickboxing gym for the ones like you who want to become expert kickboxers. It is due to the positive, high-energy, and family-friendly environment; you will feel like a part of our family rather than an ordinary member.

Our trainers are best-in-class to provide you with result-oriented training. They are experts as well as knowledgeable to train kickboxing to men, women, and children. Joining the Tapout Fitness team, you will get the opportunity to experience our full range of classes in our state-of-the-art facility. Apart from learning kickboxing, you will also be able to release tension, lower stress, and improve muscle tone. In addition to kickboxing classes, we also offer:

  • High-Intensity Interval Training
  • Mixed Martial Arts Training
  • Group Classes for all Fitness Levels
  • Top-Quality Strength and Cardio Equipment
  • Free Weights
  • Boot Camp Classes
  • Personal Training Sessions
  • Separate Classes for Kids and Adults

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Call us today to schedule a free demo class for you to understand more about us. You can easily come down to our Southlake kickboxing gym from Grapevine, Colleyville, Keller, Westlake, and Trophy Club. Stop putting your fitness goals on hold and give us a call or text our staff at 817-329-3456 to learn more about our professional instructors, our dynamic classes, our state-of-the-art facility, and our incredible rates on the offer.