Southlake Boxing Classes

At Tapout Fitness Southlake Texas, we have structured a unique boxing training program to teach you all the boxing lessons, which will also be helpful to you as practical self-defense techniques.

Boxing Benefits

Your love for boxing has merits. It is not only one of the famous martial arts or a sport, but it also entails many benefits–physical as well as mental. So, before understanding how Tapout Fitness can help you to learn this art, let us outline the key benefits of boxing:

Boxing Classes in Southlake
  • In every boxing session, you can burn up to 500 calories. And, when you perform high-intensity training, you burn calories not only during the session but also continue to burn after the end of the session. Due to its fat burning effect, boxing helps you to lose weight.
  • It helps you to build muscle tone as fast repetitive punching develops strong and toned muscles.
  • Your bones and ligaments become more robust. Since the focus bags and punching pads provide resistance to your body during boxing sessions, your bones and ligaments also get stronger while working against the resistance.
  • Your cardiovascular fitness increases as your body muscles contract and expand when you throw punches. The full-body movement during your boxing session makes your heart and lungs work together and pump oxygen-containing blood flow throughout your body. And, when you train at higher speed, you get a more fat-burning effect.
  • Your muscles get to expand and repeatedly contract during boxing sessions. With boxing training, you can enable your muscles to expand and contract for longer durations to help in burning more and more calories.
  • As boxing requires fast rotational movements, your core muscles will develop fast and gain strength.
  • Since boxing is a full-body workout. Punching makes muscles of your entire body to expand and contract, resulting in the strength as well as the power to develop.
  • You derive psychological benefits too. Punching helps you to take the stress out and leave you calm and relaxed.
  • Since you move many body parts at the same time during punching, the coordination between your body and brain becomes stronger.
  • As boxing helps you to feel good, your confidence, and self-esteem, grow as well.

The Key Boxing Techniques We Teach

At Tapout Fitness, we teach you the most effective techniques to keep your boxing fitness at high levels. And that is why we are a best-in-class boxing gym. Our training mainly focuses on striking various bags (heavy bag, double end bag, and speed bag) and focus mitts (hand pads held by a training partner). The training also focuses on developing qualities, such as speed, power, stamina, and technique, apart from raising your fitness levels. Related to strength training, our expert training also includes endurance and agility drills and sparring.

As one of the best boxing studios, trainers at Tapout Fitness ensures that their training methods relate directly to improving your qualities as well as techniques necessary for becoming an expert in boxing and martial arts.

We specialize in the following boxing techniques:


  • Stand-Up Base
  • Cross Footwork
  • Circling


  • Jab
  • Cross
  • Hook
  • Uppercut

Blocks Evasive Techniques and Parries

  • Catch
  • Side Parry
  • High Front Cover
  • Low Front Cover
  • Hook/Side Cover
  • Shoulder Roll
  • Slip
  • Duck
  • Bob and Weave

You will love the results you will get from undergoing boxing training. From physical to mental benefits, apart from being a self-defense technique, boxing has a lot of appeal.

Why Choose Us?

Are you finding yourself in a confused state as you are not able to find out the right boxing gym? Are you repeatedly finding overcrowded, expensive, and ineffective boxing classes in your area? If so, then proceed straight to Tapout Fitness, located here in Southlake Texas.

We are a premier boxing studio you can rely on to be a positive, productive, and conducive environment to reap the benefits of a more active lifestyle. With us, you will feel like a part of our family due to the unique combination of modern boxing training and high-energy atmosphere.

Our trainers are best-in-class. We are experts and able to provide training to learners of all ages. In our world-class boxing gym, we provide you with result-oriented boxing training, high-tech equipment, and clean facilities. We also provide well-structured training classes like ‘Tapout Fit,’ ‘Tapout Martial Arts,’ etc. that are tailored to your personalized workout requirements.

Working out with the best-in-class Tapout Fitness trainers at our state-of-the-art 24/7 facility releases tension, lowers stress, and improves muscle tone. In addition to boxing classes, we also offer:

  • High-Intensity Interval Training
  • Group Training
  • Top-Quality Strength and Cardio Equipment
  • Free Weights
  • Boot Camp Classes
  • Personal Training Sessions
  • Boxing for Kids

So, stop putting your fitness goals on hold. And instead, make the decision today to commit to a healthier, more dynamic lifestyle with less stress through our top-rated training, including Muay Thai.

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