Southlake Self Defense Classes

At Tapout Fitness, we have crafted innovative as well as highly effective self-defense programs for men, women, and kids to empower them with defense skills. With our highly disciplined and result oriented self-defense training, you will get ample confidence to defend as well as take care of yourself. Our training is designed to help everyone, regardless of age or sex, with impactful defense moves to tackle any dangerous situation.

Southlake Self Defense Classes

Our mixed martial arts training team is highly trained, and each member is skilled enough to give you solid training on a wide range of martial arts classes in Southlake, Texas. To provide you the most effective self-defense training, our experienced trainers will also help you achieve your fitness goals by blending the core areas of discipline and determination associated with the traditional martial arts with the high energy of interval training, cardio, and weights.

Our trainers will show you reliable approaches to attain active and result-oriented fitness and are focused on your success and satisfaction. At the same time, the world-class staff at Tapout Fitness at Southlake TX takes adequate care in your self-defense training, your personal safety, and your results.

What Comprises in Our Innovative and Effective Self Defense Training?

We provide the best-in-class self-defense training in Southlake, Texas. Our training comprises of effective self-defense lessons to help you to tackle any attacks that you might unexpectedly face effectively. The following are the main features of our innovative self-defense course:

Dealing With Attacks in the Dark

Our specially designed self-defense program empowers you to defend yourself against attacks in the dark or places without adequate lighting. As many attacks occur in the dark, we have designed a special self-defense module for you to deal with single or multiple attackers in the dark effectively. Our effective self-defense tactics will help you to build confidence in your ability to deal with any unwanted surprises.

Handling Multiple Attackers

Records show that attacks have seldom been from single but from multiple attackers. Our specially structured self-defense training helps you to deal with multiple attackers with ease and confidence. With our specialized self-defense training, you will be able to deal with multiple attackers regardless of whether you are seated or standing and their size.

Works Under Stress

Our world-class trainers combine the physical as well as the mental elements to co-ordinate your body with your mind. As such, our self-defense tactics work well, even if you are under stress. The training will help you to gain the confidence to defend yourself when you face any sudden attack even if you are under stress.

Effective Against Weapons

Our self-defense training rationale takes into account that most attackers carry out their attacks with weapons, such as knives, guns, sticks, or stuff like that. So, our trainers will impart you the right tactics to deal with attackers with any such weapons. You will be able to deal with such attackers, armed with any such weapon, even with your bare hands.

Package for Women

Our specialized training package helps women to defend themselves against any attack—whether single or multiple attackers, attacks in the dark, or attackers with weapons. Developing body mechanics and improving verbal skills, our women’s self-defense classes empower women to tackle attackers of any size, and in any situation. They thus can remain confident in their ability to stay safe in any unexpected situation.

Training for Children

We have an impactful self-defense training package to train children to deal with attackers of any age or any size. With our specially crafted self-defense techniques, children will be able to defend themselves against any attacker of any size, even if armed with weapons, and in any position. Regardless of whether they are standing up, sitting down, or in any other position, children will be able to deal with any attacker effectively.

Why Choose Us?

Helping people protect themselves from sudden attacks is the core of our self-defense training curriculum. In addition to teaching you the art of perfect self-defense, we also conduct jiu-jitsu self-defense classes for kids, teens & adults, and defense workshops. Furthermore, we provide well-structured customized training classes like ‘Tapout Fit’, ‘Tapout Martial Arts’, etc.

Our disciplined and methodical training will help you to:

  • Build a strong mindset and confidence
  • Mindfully resolve conflicts
  • Strengthen verbal ability
  • Enhance psychological power
  • Frame solutions against sudden attack situations
  • Deal with single as well as multiple attackers
  • Deal with armed and barehanded attackers
  • Develop intelligent self-defense tactics

Connect with our world-class team and sign up for our self-defense classes at Southlake TX, to start working towards a healthier and more active lifestyle.

Reach out to the friendly team at Tapout Fitness today and sign up for your no-obligation introductory class. Give us a call or text our staff at 817-329-3456 to learn more about our professional instructors, our dynamic classes, and our state-of-the-art facility. Our Southlake fitness gym is easily accessible from Grapevine, Colleyville, Keller, Westlake, and Trophy Club.